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Shooting on location in England during the winter months can be a test of endurance at the best of times, and Sunday's shoot with alternative model Akasha Asylum was no exception. The theme was witches and the location was Harrow. So armed with a camera, tripod and a selection of prime lenses I followed Akasha and the shoot director into the cold and slightly muddy woods.

Akasha, dressed in black and with suitably witchy hair and make up struck poses from her catalogue of awesome poses while i snapped away using my 135mm magical lens.

Then we found a tree with a low branch coming out from it that was covered in moss. It served as a perfect seat.

It was at this location that we felt the need to unleash the smoke grenades.

Then we decided to warm ourselves up in a nearby pub and get ourselves ready to brave the cold again, but sadly the Gods had different ideas, and the skys opened up and it rained. Thus thwarting our plans to take more mystical shots. The day had not been wasted though, and i had more than enough images to play with. Looking forward to shooting with Akasha again in the near future.

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