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I purchased some candles for a shoot that never happened about 6 months ago. They've been sitting in a bag in my office just waiting to be used for something mighty. This weekend they had their chance to shine.

I was doing a shoot with my friend (Andrew Clifton-Brown) at his studio with model Lauren McConville. After Andrew had done his shoot with her I started the candle lighting process. I decided to put them on trays just because it was easier to deal with hundreds of candles that way. We brought them into the studio, put them on the floor and begun the lighting of the candles. One thing i didn't think about was the heat that would come off of them. Instead of putting them individually all around Lauren I thought it would be easier just to keep them on the trays. All the wax begun to fill up the trays. Some started to go out. It was a case of just having to work fast. The light that it was producing was amazing though.

I definitely want to try something like it again. Maybe with bigger candles though.

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