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After my first candle shoot I came away with a few lessons of what to do and what to not do again. On the first shoot we placed loads of little candles on trays. It was just easier to transport them into the studio area like that. Then after lighting them we realised that little candles suck. You're in a race to do the shoot before they go out. The trays were getting filled with wax, plus a tray full of candles doesn't really look that pretty, so I had to photoshop out the trays. As you can see from the picture below, the light is awesome, but the trays not so awesome. Also you can see where a lot of the candles were going out.

So, with a different model and bigger candles I attempted it again. The laying down surrounded by candles thing didn't really work. One of the reasons was that bigger candles meant that the light was higher up, plus the light wasn't as mighty compared to all those little candles on a tray.....Thinking about it now I could of set up some reflectors to reflect the light back down onto the model......

So we moved things around for a 'random candles in different places' type set up and the light became better. I was able to include all the candles in the shot and the light was pretty impressive. Also we added a smoke machine and some books to the mix for added awesomeness.

Not quite sure where to take it next for the next candle shoot. I want to try more candles though, maybe on a white floor to help reflect the light, plus add some reflectors. Stay tuned to find out.

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