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I made my way into deepest darkest Kent with trusty assistant Hannah Davis to take photos of one of my favourite drummers, Mr Adam Hayes. Adam lives on a farm that just so happens to have an apple orchard on it. This would be the location of the evening's shoot.

First, we set up the drums and made a couple of drum videos.

Then once that was out of the way I erected a five foot wide light diffuser on a C stand above Adam's head, put a flash behind him and a flash in his bass drum. Armed my Sony a7s ii with Hannah's 85mm 1.2 lens and then the fun began.

I brought some rice to maybe stick on the snare drum and see what it would look like when he hit it, but by that time we couldn't be bothered. So I told Hannah to just throw it at him. She stood behind the rear flash and we took about six different photos of Hannah throwing rice at his head. I combined all the photos and made this.


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